by Matt “Doughboy” Johnson, Shrine Football Game Chairman

Player/Coach Banquet
We kicked off with our annual player/coach banquet on Monday, August 15, at the Shrine. This was sponsored by the Fife and Drum. The meal consisted of pulled pork sandwiches and all the fixings. The Divan ladies, Lori Danielson, Robin Ward and Laura Johnson all poured the players’ favorite drinks, Shirley Temples. We had a special guest via video; Augustana’s own and a Minnesota Viking, CJ Ham. He shared a message to the players on volunteering and what the Augie game means to him. This year’s banquet patients were Elena Evans and Katie Winckler. Elena was the patient of the day and Katie is a past-patient of the day and an Augustana Alumni. We served 200 people including players, coaches, ladies, Divan members, Shriners and patients. 

Shrine Night at the Overtime Bar and Grill
On Tuesday, November 11, the Overtime Bar and Grill graciously donated 10 percent of all daily sales to the Shrine Football Game. This will be an annual event. 

Game Day 50th Anniversary
Our first Shrine Augie football game was in 1972 and the Potentate was Ralph Heidbrink. Our Potentate, Jim “Kid” Slater, was 18 years old at that time. Our Shriner of the Day was Marv Lovro, who became a Shriner in 1985. He has been on many committees and a Shriner for 37 years. When he joined the Shrine, I was 6 years old. We also had a surprise honorary coach, our own Rocky Hayes, who is our Public Relations Director and does many things behind the scenes. This was a well-deserved award. Fast forward to today’s game. The weather was beautiful and we had our tailgate under the tent, near the Augustana University President’s house. Pote’s Aides served us refreshments, while the Culinary Unit provided lunch. When the stadium opened and the fans started piling in, members of Bethel 38 helped the clowns sign kids up for the raffle drawings. During the first half of the game, members of the Fife and Drum, sold plastic footballs. Parker Hanson, who is also a past patient and Augie alumni, joined Elena and Katie at the game. The Rickshaws carried our Potentate in for the coin toss. Our wonderful Chanters sang the National Anthem and our Legion of Honor presented the colors. At halftime, we all walked on the field and had the presentation of honorary coaches and what Shriners do. As we walked off the field, the patient video of Elena was shown. Afterwards, the clowns took photos of the bicycle winners, camping items and sledding items, along with the 100-dollar bill winners. 

Thank You

I would like to thank all the individuals below, in no particular order.

  • Culinary Unit
  • Chanters
  • Legion of Honor
  • Rickshaws
  • Fife and Drum
  • Potentate’s Aides
  • Clowns
  • Bethel 38
  • Shutterbugs
  • Kent Quail
  • Scott Denney
  • Committee Members
  • PP Dave Neiman
  • PP Charlie Brown
  • PP John Archer
  • Mike Archer
  • Buzz
  • Matt Gage
  • Red
  • Matt Arnett
  • Mulligan
  • Showtime
  • Rocky Hayes
  • Past Football Chairman, 
      Harland Danielson
  • Past Football Chairman, 
      Ken Ward
  • Scheels
  • Lewis Drug
  • Nyberg’s Ace Hardware
  • All who purchased the 50th
      Anniversary Game gear
  • All who purchased
      voucher tickets
  • Units and Clubs who
      purchased honorary coach 
      wind jackets
  • All who purchased renewals
      of the honorary coach
      wind jackets
  • Tracy Kolb, GM of
      Hampton Inn and Suites
  • All three patients who
      came to the game

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