El Riad Shrine 2022 Divan Liaisons

Office Name Duties
Potentate Jim Slater Executive Committee Chairman, 2021 Cactus
Chief Rabban Leo Baumgart Executive Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Committee, Building & Entertainment Chair, Pote’s Party Chair, Football, Shrine Cup, El Riad bylaws, 2021 Cactus, 2022 Cash Calendar
Assistant Rabban Doug Kristensen Executive Divan, Circus, Membership, Futures Committee, Pote’s Party Committee, Corn Palace Shrine Club, Oriental Band, Fife & Drum, Ritualistic Unit, El Riad Bylaws, 2021 Cactus
High Priest & Prophet Mark Richard Executive Divan, Hospital Committee, Futures Committee, Clowns, Roadrunners, Dance Club, Motor Corps, Sprint Car Unit, Gopher Shrine Club, 2021 Cactus, Sportsman Classic
Oriental Guide Scott Denney Executive Divan, Futures Committee, Unit & Club Seminar, Lewis & Clark Shrine Club, Chanters, Horse Corps, Ski Club, Steel Drum Band
First Ceremonial Master Steve Haase Executive Divan (NV), Futures Committee, Spring Ceremonial, Classie Autos, Legion of Honor, Directors Staff, Culinary Unit, Family Day
Second Ceremonial Master Bill Thompson Executive Divan (NV), Futures Committee, Fall Ceremonial, Rickshaws, Parker Shrine Club, Provost, Shutterbugs, Worthington Shrine Club
Marshal Paul Berndt Futures Committee, Big Bend Shrine Club, Twin Lakes Shrine Club, Highlanders, Blast & Cast
Captain of the Guard Tony Bachman Futures Committee, Brookings Shrine Club, Back 40 Boys, Outhouse #1
Outer Guard John Schuety  Futures Committee, Rosebud Shrine Club, Big Band
Chief of Staff Brian Schultz MSA, Pote’s Aides, Parades, Asst. Chief of Staff, Ceremonials, Imperial pilgrimages
Asst. Chief of Staff Brian Schultz Assistant Chief of Staff, attend Monthly Chief of Staff Meetings
Temple Director Don Laurila Ceremonials Second Section
Chaplain Paul Buriak Fall Ceremonial Necrology

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