Sprint Car Unit

This award winning parade unit meets each second and fourth Tuesday at the shrine beginning at 6:30 p.m. The El Riad Sprint Car Unit was established on November 4, 2002, with the purpose of providing miniature sprint cars for the Shrine parades and other events.  Our goal as a unit is to attract members who are interested in racing and related interests. The unit has 12 custom built sprint cars built to 5/8 scale, a 53 foot trailer and a toderhome and is ready for parades and other various Shrine events. Members do not need to own a car to participate in the unit.

The sprint car unit currently has 23 members and each member selected their own colors, numbers and details to create a more realistic field of sprint cars. Each member is responsible for his own maintenance with spectator safety as the prime concern. Over the first 20 years of parade performances and shrine field and obstacle competitions, the unit continues to add to their large collection of national and regional awards. The unit enjoys thrilling crowds with their noise and fast paced action and is usually the most popular entry of every town parade. These “big boys and their toys” always leave plenty of tire rubber on the streets as a reminder of their exciting performance.

During the summer, the unit meets and practices at the lot behind the Lewis Distribution Center at 700 E. 54th St. N. The unit has limited meetings during the winter months and the initiation fee of $100 includes the first years dues of $50 and a unit polo.

The El Riad Sprint Car participates annually in the Midwest Motor Corps Association. This competition consists of three competitions in the 4-wheel division.

The competitions are:

Field Competition – this is a choreographed precision routine, 5-9 minutes in length, with various maneuvers. Points are awarded based on skills completed and the performance of each skill.

Obstacle Competition – this competition is completed on a closed-course, with winners based on fast average time for each unit’s fastest two drivers.

Overall Competition – the unit that posts the highest overall score in the Field Competition, regardless of class or number of tires, is crowned the Overall Champion.

The Unit bartends for various events at the Shrine throughout the year.

Imperial Champions: 2022, 2014, 2008 and 2003

Midwest Champions: 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2004 and 2003

Download a membership application.

Check out our photo gallery below.

Pictured below is the Sprint Car Unit hauler purchased in 2021 and updated in 2022 that holds all of our 12 sprint cars and lots of drivers.
We are looking forward to the 2023 parade season.

2024 Officers

President Noah Richard (Emma)
C: 605-496-4431
E: [email protected]

Vice President Chad DeVries (Shelby)
C: 605-521-3496
E: [email protected]

Secretary Todd Schneider (Michelle)
C: 605-595-4562
E: [email protected]

Treasurer Mike Olawsky (Sheri)
C: 605-400-9430
E: [email protected]

Past President A.J. Richard (Kayla)
C: 605-940-7473
E: [email protected]

Jason Schlechter (left) our 2020 Sprint Car President was awarded the In Town Shriner of the Year for 2021. James Halverson (right) was awarded the 2021 Out of Town Shriner of the Year.

Past Presidents

  • 2002 Jeff Lacey (Deceased)
  • 2003 Jeff Lacey (Deceased)
  • 2004 Maury Richard
  • 2005 Todd Schmidt
  • 2006 Mike Olawsky
  • 2007 Dave Duncan
  • 2008 Mark Richard
  • 2009 Ike McDonnell
  • 2010 Paul Riley
  • 2011 Doug Olson
  • 2012 Dave Duncan
  • 2013 Rod Newhagen
  • 2014 Terry Berkness
  • 2015 Mark Richard
  • 2016 Tim Meirose
  • 2017 Todd Long
  • 2018 Chad DeVries
  • 2019 Darin McDonnel
  • 2020 Jason Schlechter
  • 2021 Dave Murphy
  • 2022 Dan King

Murray Award

Awarded to a member of the unit (or Divan Liaison) who has the most memorable screwup during the year while operating the sprint cars.

  • 2003  Wayne Murray
  • 2004  Dane Christensen
  • 2005  Donnie Miller
  • 2007  Rich Howard (Deceased)
  • 2007  Jeff Evans
  • 2008  Rich Burns
  • 2009  Jeff Evans
  • 2012  Rod Newhagen
  • 2013  Ike McDonnel
  • 2015  Dave Murphy
  • 2016  Dave Murphy
  • 2019  Tim Meirose
  • 2020  Dave Murphy
  • 2021 Maury Richard, P.P.
  • 2022 Tim Meirose

Hard-Charger Award

Awarded to a member of the unit (Executive Committee members are ineligible) who displays dedication to the unit through hard work and effort during the year.

  • 2008  Rich Howard (Deceased)
  • 2009  Bob Hoyt (Deceased)
  • 2009  Jason Schlechter
  • 2010  Rod Newhagen
  • 2011  Cory TerWee
  • 2012  Mike Olawsky
  • 2013  Ike McDonnel
  • 2014  Mike Costello (Deceased)
  • 2015  Chad DeVries
  • 2016  Darin McDonnel
  • 2017  Terry Kinnetz
  • 2018  Chad Schave
  • 2019  Noah Richard
  • 2021  Dane Bloch
  • 2022  Mark Richard and Maury Richard (P.P.)

Current Car Owners

  • Maury Richard/Mark Richard #31
  • Tim Meirose #6
  • Chad DeVries/Steve Tripp #69
  • Todd Long/Chad Schave #13
  • Jason Schlechter/Todd Schneider #1
  • Dan King/Paul Riley #33
  • Dave Murphy #00
  • Mike Walz/Doug Olson #7
  • Ike McDonnel/Darin McDonnel #3
  • Mike Olawsky #16
  • Dave Duncan/Noah Richard #14
  • Terry Berkness #1

The Sprint Cars have paraded in these cities

Cities in bold indicate multiple parades

Aberdeen, SD
Alexandria, MN
Alvord, IA
Arlington, SD
Bloomington, MN
Brandon, SD
Canby, MN
Canistota, SD
Canton, SD
Dell Rapids, SD
Deadwood, SD
Denver, CO
Duluth, MN
Edgerton, MN
Fargo, ND
Flandreau, SD
Garretson, SD
Glenwood, MN
Grand Forks, ND
Granite Falls, MN
Hartford, SD

Hills, MN
Jasper, MN
Jackson, MN
LeMars, IA
Lennox, SD
Luverne, MN
Madison, SD
Madison, WI
Marquette, MI
Milford, IA
Minneapolis, MN
Minneota, MN
Mitchell, SD
Mountain Lake, MN
Moville, IA
Pierre, SD
Pipestone, MN
Rapid City, SD
Rochester, MN

Rock Valley, IA
Sioux Center, IA
Sioux City, IA
Sioux Falls, SD
South Sioux City, NE
Spearfish, SD
Springfield, MN
St. Louis, MO
Tea, SD
Tyler, MN
Valley Springs, SD
White, SD
Windom, MN
Winner, SD
Winona, MN
Worthing, SD
Worthington, MN
Yankton, SD

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