This unit meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

The Provosts was formed in 1986 by members of the former Shamerah Unit which was formed in 1962. 

The unit has been faithful in performing its duties, which include tiling the doors at all temple meetings, assisting at all parades, ceremonials, celebrations, crowd control at the circus, protection of all Shrine equipment and such duties as requested by the Potentate. They also parade occasionally in their paddy wagon.

2020 Officers

Chief: Bill Rise (Tami)
Phone: (605) 360-7611

Assistant Chief: Johnny Stevens, Jr. (Christine)
Phone: (605) 553-7276

Adjutant: Larry Bouma (Sally)
Phone: (605) 360-3226

Treasurer: Timothy Dykstra (Janice)
Phone: 605-553-4870

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