Horse Corps

This unit meets the last Saturday of the month in the Shrine at 10:00 a.m.

Organized in 1977, originally as a saddle horse unit, the Horse Corps has now evolved into primarily a hitch unit with approximately 32 members. Featuring a very attractive stage coach driven by a Percheron horse hitch consisting of between two and six horses being driven at any one time.

Our official uniform is a leather vest over a tan western shirt, blue jeans and we proudly wear our fez at all of our parade activities.

All Shriners are welcome whether you have a horse or not. The unit participates in all El Riad Ceremonials, making several appearances throughout the area during the year. We have a number of local parades, events and fundraisers that we participate in every year. We traditionally travel to each Imperial and MSA where we consistently parade and compete very successfully. We have had the very fortunate opportunity to proudly represent El Riad Temple in cities and states all over the country and we look forward to continuing that trend in the future. We are a very fun and family orientated unit.

As always, it is our honor to serve at the pleasure of our Illustrious Sir and to fulfill our fraternal duties as Shriners.

Please see our gallery below:



Trail Boss Cal Wheeler (Donnel)
C: 605-310-9185
E: [email protected]

Straw Boss Ken Krein (Tammy)
C: 605-690-5505
E: [email protected]

Secretary/Treasurer Rich Holter
C: 605-940-5934
E: [email protected]



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