Hillbillies Outhouse

This unit meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

The El Riad Hillbilies 161 and Outhouse #1 was started by the Corn Palace Shrine Club 25 years ago. The El Riad Hillbilies have been a parade unit with members in Sioux Falls and Mitchell. Dues are a one time fee of $25.

All the money raised goes to the benefit of the Shrine Children Health Care System and the El Riad Transportation Fund.
Activities: Parades, monthly meeting and meal, dances, fun and more fun.


Raban of the Clan Matthew Gage (Amy)
C: 605-251-9465
E: [email protected]

Asst. Raban the Clan Chad Christianson
C: 605-378-3443
E: [email protected]

Keeper of the Quill Cody Christianson
C: 605-951-9585

Keeper of the Cobs Paul Maxwell
C: 605-370-9920
E: [email protected]

Keeper of the Still Ben Duran Jr. (Kacelle Mathison)
C: 605-838-5639
E: [email protected]



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