Hillbillies Outhouse

This unit meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.



President Raban of the Clan 
Jeremy Reimer (Sheila)
C: 605-496-3890
E: jeremy.c.reimer@gmail.com

Vice Pres. Asst. Raban the Clan 
Paul Maxwell
C: 605-360-4882
E: paulcmaxwell@yahoo.com

Secretary Keeper of the Quill 
Don Laurila (Lorie)
C: 605-929-2679
E: donaldlaurila@gmail.com

Treas. Keeper of the Cobs 
Bill Schepeler (Renita)
C: 605-937-3495
E: bschepeler@gmail.com

Keeper of the Still 
Paul Berndt
C: 605-585-2525
E: pberndt@alliancecom.net



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