Highlanders Pipe & Drum

This unit meets every second and fourth Monday at 6:00 p.m. in the shrine.

The El Riad Highlanders Pipe & Drum Unit, established in March of 2009, is one of the newest El Riad units. From just two members performing at the 2009 Spring Ceremonial the membership has grown to more than twenty members. Presently more than a dozen members have been outfitted and are prepared to participate in piping and drumming exhibitions. Wearing traditional hand-crafted kilts and playing world class instruments the Highlanders present stirring performances of both traditional and modern tunes.

Their signature tune, “Robert’s March for Children”, was uniquely composed for and is played only by the El Riad Highlanders.

We whole heartedly welcome new members providing them with the instruction needed to start the journey to proficiency on the bagpipe or drum. No prior experience is needed to join up. Marching with the Highlanders is an unforgettable and truly special experience you will certainly enjoy. Please contact any member for more information about joining our unique unit.



President David Wooters (Julie)
C: 605-261-3531
E: [email protected]

Vice President Robert Sorensen (Sherry)
C: 605-413-5964
E: [email protected]

Richard Lofswold
C: 605-351-8566
E: [email protected]


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