Directors Staff

This unit meets every third Thursday of the month.

A meal is served at 6:00 p.m. and the regular meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.The Directors Staff is in involved in many functions of El Riad Shrine. We participate in the temple’s ceremonials from guiding new Nobles through their hot sands journey to parading during the summer. We host the oasis bar in the months of September and part of May, and host other events including wedding receptions. Even our Ladies get involved by getting together almost every month on meeting nights to enjoy a meal together downtown or in one of their homes.

We also host the Shrine Merchandise Store where Nobles and their Ladies can purchase everything from Shrine jewelry and fez cases to Shrine and Masonic apparel. Just stop by the office and ask to see what we have available!

The most important function of our unit is the New Nobel Mentoring Program. We invite all new and existing Nobles who are not involved in a unit to come and join us at our regular meetings. There you will be able to receive more information about not just our unit, but all the other units and clubs within the Shrine that you may be interested in. We will help guide you and help find you a place within El Riad Shrine. Please contact our unit leadership for more information.

Click here to download our membership application.


President Ryan McCain
C: 605-366-5364
E: [email protected]

Vice President Joshua Brown (Lisa)
C: 507-220-1327
E: [email protected]

Secretary Donald Laurila
C: 605-929-2679
E: [email protected]

Treasurer Steve Hinds
C: 605-216-2854
E: [email protected]


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