Culinary Unit

The Culinary Unit prepares the Moslem Feast for the spring and fall ceremonials. Also, the Culinary Unit helps prepare the thousands of hot dogs during the annual Shrine Circus in Sioux Falls.

Oyster stew, chili and sandwiches for the annual meeting are prepared by the Culinary Unit. The unit provides other functions that may be assigned by the Potentate.

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President Bill O’Connor (Thomy Jo)
C: 605-310-4589
E: [email protected] 

Vice President Dave Sieler (Janet)
C: 605-929-4010
E: [email protected]

Secretary Chris Kahny (Heidi)
C: 605-376-0311
E: [email protected]

Treasurer Tim Dunn (Teresa)
C: 605-310-7891
E: [email protected]

Director of Events Steve Hauff (Sue)
C: 605-376-2452
E: [email protected]

Director of Operations Bruce Boegler (Barbara)
C: 605-214-4232
E: [email protected]

Director of Public Relations Charles Anderson (Sonja)
C: 605-941-1662
E: [email protected]

Grill Master Lloyd Siemonsma (Sue)
C: 605-941-1962
E: [email protected]

Social Chairman George Roberts (Donna)
H: 605-695-0391
E: [email protected]




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