Classie Autos

This unit meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

The Classie Autos was organized in 1988 and has grown to 60 members. The primary membership requirement is to own a convertible, a closed car 25 years old or just have an interest in old cars.

The unit provides transportation for the past potentates in all Shrine Parades, as well as anyone else that may not be able to walk in a parade. The unit has appeared in many centennial parades in the area, as well as many Midwest Summer Session Parades with their Classie Autos.

The Shrine Unit That Is Going Places…



President Ron Brandt
C: 605-212-2415
E: [email protected]

Vice President Stewart Turnwall
C: 605-351-9894
E: [email protected]

Secretary David Wilson (Charyl)
C: 605-413-5597
E: [email protected]

Treasurer Richard Lofswold
C: 605-351-8566
E: [email protected]


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