Blast & Cast

This unit meets the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Oasis Bar in El Riad Shrine.

The Blast and Cast Unit was created to promote fellowship, knowledge, and good will among Nobles of this and other Temples through hunting, fishing, and related activities.

This unit will provide a variety of different activities and events from kids fishing derbies to group pheasant hunts. This is an unbelievable unit to showcase all of the hunting, fishing, and related activities that our great state has to offer.

The ideas are endless for this unit!



President Kevin Wohlleber (Laurie)
C: 605-376-4337
E: [email protected]

Vice President Sam Sommers (Judy)
C: 605-400-0819
E: [email protected]

Secretary/Treasurer Rodney Larson (Lori)
C: 605-359-8484
E: [email protected]

Board Member at Large Lonnie Albers (Anne)
C: 605-413-9169
E: [email protected]

Board Member at Large Jeffrey Portice (Sandra)
C: 605-310-2991
E: [email protected]


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