When is your bedtime? Do you know? How has your routine changed since March? Has your wardrobe changed since the beginning of Covid-19? What time do you change out of your jammies, or do you? A lot of questions that necessarily can’t be answered, or shouldn’t be. That seems to be our world during this challenging time. We all have questions about when we will have an event or will that event be cancelled? When will it be safe to do anything? We all, wish we knew that answer. As Chanters Director, Alex Verburg, said “we will continue moving forward and search for new ways to keep going.”

The sacrifices that all of us have made will not only strengthen us but better prepare us for what tomorrow will bring. We as Shriners led our community by following the recommended guidelines from our city and state. We have started to have our Wednesday night socials and a few events at the Shrine. As we move forward we ask that you only join us if you feel comfortable. There will be some policies in place to protect you, your family, our patrons and fellow Shriners. Please follow these polices as they come out.

All events scheduled between now and the end of the year we plan on moving forward, yet sometimes beyond our control we do have to cancel events. If so, we will notify all by posting in the Cactus, eblasts sent to unit and club officers, social media and always check our website

At the beginning of this year I asked all members to TAKE AN EXTRA STEP. Due to Covid-19 we have to find new ways to do that. We have a lot of year left so let’s use it wisely. How can we do our part and take an extra step? 

• Membership has not stopped. Call some friends and ask them to be a member. 

• Lodges are starting to open, go back to lodge.

• Attend a Stated meeting in person or by Zoom

• Attend a Unit or Club meeting in person or by Zoom

• Buy a cash calendar and sell one

• Buy the Shrine Football Game tickets sent to you

• Volunteer to help at the Shrine Cup Golf Tournament• Bring a friend to a Wednesday night social• Wear something Shrine related

• Thank your lady for supporting you for the work you do for the Shrine.

• Thank our office staff for “TAKING THE EXTRA STEP”. Not only for working during Covid-19, but also for accepting the extra duties assigned during this time.

This list is endless even during these challenging times. Together let’s TAKE AN EXTRA STEP. 

Units and Clubs, reach deep into your archives. Find those famous moments that made that moment special or that Shriner special to your unit or club. Let these moments resurface upon the pages of our Cactus. Who is that special member of your unit? Why is that member special? What happened that made that moment so special. Put that information into the Cactus and share it with all of us.

Ken Ward, Commander of the Motor Corps, said “LOOK BOTH WAYS AT THE INTERSECTION, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT DIRECTION WERE COMING FROM” That’s what our world is today, we don’t know what’s coming next or from what direction. We as Shriners continue looking all directions to keep going. We as Shriners have an obligation to provide the best possible care to our patients at all times, not just during the good times. Again, together let’s “TAKE THE EXTRA STEP”…thank you.

Fraternally Yours,

Al Zahn



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