First, thank you to all Nobles for our successful Cash Calendar fundraising event. Past Potentate Rick Daniels presented this fundraising idea in 2003 when he was Potentate. For 17 years it continues to raise money for our operating costs. This doesn’t happen by accident, it happens because our dedicated Nobles are…TAKING THE EXTRA STEP. 

A big thank to you Doug Kristensen for a successfully “rescheduled” Unit and Club Seminar. Thank you to all officers in attendance and please share what you have learned with the members of your Units and Clubs.

February was a great start for TAKING THE EXTRA STEP. The Motor Corps Unit had their 14th Frozen Pub Run, the Fife & Drum had their 23rd Valentine Bash, the Membership Team had their monthly Rush Party, Circus Chairman Aaron Neiman started the Circus Committee Meetings, the Steel Drum Unit had their weekly Chase the Queen Raffle, the Dance Club had their Sweet Hearts Dance, the Scottish Rite had their annual Soup and Sweets fundraiser, our Clowns introduced us to Latino Night with Dueling DJs, Job’s Daughters had their 14th Father Daughter Dance, Daughters of the Nile presented A Night on the Nile, the Chanters had their Karaoke Battle Championship, followed by ROCK the Shrine for their fifth year, the Blast & Cast got us out of the house for Cabin Fever, the Provost Unit had a pancake feed, the Divan and their ladies had their team meeting and the Elected Divan attended the MSA Winter Session in Regina, Canada. All very successful events. Thank you.

So what did we do in March? Took a day off and went to Cancun and seven days later came home refreshed. Oriental Guide Doug Kristensen, Lady Julie and Jim Slater attended leadership training in Tampa Florida, the Building and Entertainment Committee meeting, Board of Directors meeting, Stated meeting, Fife & Drum’s St Patty’s Day Bash, that includes their famous Beer Pong Tournament and hosting the Khartum Bagpipers, Quarterly Birthday party, Membership Team’s Rush Party, Circus Committee meetings continue, Steel Drum Unit had their weekly Chase the Queen raffle and the Motor Corps Unit’s 26th year of having a raffle. Again this year’s raffle was $10,000 taxes paid. Again all very successful events. Thank you.

AND…thank you to our very own Shutterbugs & Pixels for capturing these moments to always remind us, OF THE JOYS THAT WERE ONCE MINE AND HAPPY DAYS OF THE MYSTIC SHRINE.

Fraternally Yours,

Al Zahn, Potentate
El Riad Shrine 

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