In the May Cactus the highlights definitely were the Unit and Club articles. A BIG THANK YOU to all UNITS and CLUBS who took the time to write an article and let our Shrine know what you’re doing. Please keep the articles coming and continue to BRAG about what you’re doing. It’s the Units and Clubs that keep our Shrine strong, we NEED you and we love to hear what you’re doing. 

Another BIG THANK YOU to the UNITS and CLUBS for the donations they normally would make at the Spring Ceremonial. These donations will pay for the operating cost of our Shrine. THANK YOU UNITS and CLUBS FOR TAKING THE EXTRA STEP. 

 What about our Cactus Editor ROCKY HAYES…WOW…you continue to amaze us, that was a great issue of our Shrine Cactus…A BIG THANK YOU to you as well. I don’t care what “BASIL GREENTREE” says about your deadline, what you have to do to make your magic work you deserve to choose your deadline…well with one exception, your Potentate. 

I would like to announce that FRED BENSON, a member from the Horse Corps Unit, has been named as the Shriner of the Year for 2019 by the International Shrine Horse Patrols. Fred also was named the El Riad Out of Town Shriner of the Year in 2011. When you see Fred please congratulate him.

Congratulations are also in order for Deputy Grand Master JASON SWINDLER. Soon, Jason will be installed as GRAND MASTER of SOUTH DAKOTA. Jason is a member of Resurgam Lodge #31 in Mitchell SD and also is a member of the El Riad Clown Unit. As the Potentate of El Riad it will be an honor to work together with Jason to strengthen our Masonic Lodges and our Shrine. Please read Jason’s message in this issue and congratulate Jason when you see him. In the next issue of the Cactus I hope to have all of the names of the Worshipful Masters for the Masonic Lodges. Please support your Lodge and when this pandemic is over together let’s go back to lodge.

Normally in the combined June/July Cactus the Potentate brags about what you, the Unit and Clubs have done so far to promote our Shrine. The first half of the year our Shrine is busy with fundraising events, Stated meetings, B&E and BOD meetings, Unit and Club meetings, Wednesday Nights Socials, rush parties, birthday parties, circus, Spring Ceremonial, bartendering private events and parades. Thanks to Covid-19 that is not happening. 

What I can brag about is what we will do after Covid-19. The second half of the year our Shrine will be busy doing fundraising events, getting a haircut, Stated meetings, B&E and BOD meetings, Unit and Club meetings, Wednesday Night Socials, rush parties, birthday parties, circus, Fall Ceremonial, bartendering private events, parades, Shrine Family Day, Shrine Cup, Shrine Football Game, Sportsman’s Banquet, Nobels’ Party, Patient Christmas Party and Unit and Clubs Christmas Parties. For all of these events to happen it takes you, our Nobility to make this happen. Your Shrine needs you, we need each other, together we are El Riad.

Stay safe…stay healthy…soon this will be over.

Fraternally Yours,

Al Zahn 

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