Hot Days of Summer are here as far as I can see it is not stopping El Riad from getting out and having fun parading. Our Family Picnic was a success with many of us enjoying a brat or Hot dog provided by the Culinary also our Pote’s Aids. Thank you to all that came out to enjoy a fun day of fellow ship and a summertime meal. Big thank you to Steve Haase for putting this all together. 

Penny and I had the opportunity to meet a young mom and her family at the Picnic.  The whole family wanted to thank us for helping their little one with foot trouble, both this child’s feet had to be corrected as this little one was born with six toes on each foot. As far as we could see this had not slowed this child down. Being Shriners gives us all the opportunity to help families and their children with their struggles, one more reason to be a Shriner.

August 23 was the Ladies Wine Pairing at the Shrine put on by my Lady Penny. It was a great night for all that came to taste a little wine and learn what wines go with what fruit.  Fun was had by all. There is talk of having one more before the holidays so keep your eye open for another opportunity to take part is a great event for the Ladies. 

By the time you all get this Cactus we will have gone and back from Green Bay for MSA. It looks like several members and units are going to take part in their competition. There will be news on how we did in out prospective events. I have been told that there are a few clowns that have not competed for some time who will be taking part in their competition…good luck guys. My Motor Corps Team is going and we have formed a new team as some of the guys that competed at Imperial are unable to go. The team has worked hard to get ready for competition at MSA. Thank you to all that went to Green Bay just for MSA  to compete.

In September we have a great opportunity to help our kids the Shrine Cup Golf Tournament. If you were able to help in any way, thank you for volunteering or golfing in this fun event. All proceeds go to our Kids. Please thank Ryan Simmons, Doug Schneider, and their team for all their hard work for this special day of golf and fellowship. Please keep this event in mind for next year.  Great job guys!

September 15 is the Pote’s Golf Tournament. Please, if you have not registered for this event, please get it done. This is a fun event for all men and ladies alike. Two person best ball at the Garretson Golf Course, with tee time from 2:40 to 4:00. $50 per golfer which includes a golf cart and steak dinner you grill yourself. If you want to come out for dinner it’s $25. Ladies are welcome to join in on the fun. 32 golfer is the limit, hope to see you there.

 In October, there will be the Masonic Festival October 7 and 8. Please keep an eye out for info for this great opportunity for us all to bring in new members. If you have someone in mind, please work on getting a petition signed and into the membership committee or to your lodge and get the process started. This is a great opportunity for Masons and Shriners to keep growing or great organizations. Let’s all remember we all play on the same team. If Masons grow so does the Shrine and in return if the Shrine grows so do the Masons.  Please, as you get the information for you new candidate, do not forget to get their ladies information also as this will help keep Shrine and Masonic records current.  

Speaking of keeping records current, if you have moved, changed your email, or any other important information that we need to keep our records straight and make sure you are getting emails, text, or the cactus, please contact the office to give them your new info.

This year is the 50th year for the Shrine Football Game at Augustana University Stadium October 22. All the proceeds from the from this event go to our Shrine kids. Please buy your tickets to help our kids and their families. Come to the game, bring friends and family for a fun afternoon or give them to a friend.  We will be tailgating before the game at 10:00 a.m. with the Augustana band playing at 11:00 a.m., lunch at 11:30 a.m. burgers and brats for lunch, at the Presidents House located at 37th and Grange. Parking will be at a premium so plan on walking a little bit or pay to park in one of the lots close by.  As in the past, there will be honorary coach wind shirts for sale October 3 with the deadline for ordering a new wind shirt $250 or a Chevron $150 to add to your coach wind shirt you bought in the past. I would like to give a big thank you to Matt Johnson and his team for all their hard work putting this event together, please pat these guys on the back for all their hard work. I would be remiss if I left out other units, guys and gals for there hard work for this event starting with the Fife & Drum lead by Brigadier Ray Henry for sponsoring the meal and selling the footballs during and before the game. We had our annual banquet for the Augustana Football Team on August 15.  They bring in the entire team and coaching staff for a meal provided by the Culinary Unit. Thank you to all Divan ladies for serving refreshments to every one before and during the meal, and the Shutterbugs and Pixels for taking photos for the game and meal, Thank you to our Pote’s Aids for refreshments. This is a big undertaking to get this game off the ground. Once again, please buy your tickets for the game, buy a football or two before John Archer hounds you ‘till you do so… just kidding John! Come and enjoy the food, football, fun and time with friends and family while helping our kids.

As we get closer to the end of Summer, keep in mind we have a full Fall of events. Moving into November, the November 5 is Fall Ceremonial. Keep this date on your calendar if you have a candidate in mind. Please get them to a rush party and get them a petition so we can have them, and their families be part of this day and the shrine. As a Member of the Shrine, we are all part of the membership team.

Save the date to get your ticket for a fun night of partying as we turn the shine into a Masquerade Party   for all nobles and friends November 12 the nobles party. Tickets are $25 per person or $50 per couple. If you would like bring a guest or couple that are non-Shriners that you think would like to talk part in this fun evening, and possibly become a member, we will give you four free drink tickets.

There will be free babysitting for those that would like to come but have kiddos, let us know if you will need this service when you register. Tickets are on sale online at or scan the QR code on the poster, or you can also call the office register for this evening of fun. Costumes are not required but encouraged for the best mask and costume contests. There will be games, great food (pork loin or chicken), and drinks at Wednesday night prices. Plus music to dance to, fun for everyone…deadline is November 1.

October is not too far away. All units need to start thinking about election of officers and get that to the office as soon as you have you election. Also, I know this year is half over but if you have any changes to your officer in the Cactus let the office know ASAP so it can be changed. 

There has been quarterly unit and club meeting for all officers to come to ask question or to just freshen up on how thing must be done. It is in your best interest as leaders your units to make these meeting.

I found this quote It fits us as Shriner and family.
The Strength of a Family, like the Strength of and army, is in loyalty to each other.”

In closing, I just want to say what a great year 2022 has been so far. You all have given Penny and me a great opportunity to meet new friends, be part of a fantastic organization, and to be able to say we are member of El Riad Shrine. It is an honor and a privilege. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we truly are blessed.

In Faith,
Jim (Kid) Slater
Potentate EL RIAD SHRINE  







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