We’re excited to share that the Parker Hanson story has a very happy ending!

Lauren Elm, Marketing and Communications Manager at Shriners Children’s Twin Cities is happy to report that Parker came and picked up his new prosthetic arm today!! Not only did they build him a brand new arm, they also repaired his old one. He is excited to have his old one that he can beat up in the weight room, and his new one to help him perfect his golf swing.

Parker mentioned that his two bosses at Merrill Lynch in Sioux Falls are El Riad Shriners and that they told him his next step is to become a Shriner. He said he thought that sounded like a great idea!

The Twin Cities local NBC, ABC and WCCO affiliates were at the clinic with cameras. Expect to see Parker’s story again via our South Dakota media as well.

Click here to read about Parker’s story.

Timeline of prosthetic arm theft and recovery

  • May 2: Hanson’s backpack with his prosthetic arm was stolen out of his car in Sioux Falls
  • May 4: Hanson’s backpack was recovered, but his prosthetic arm was not in it.
  • May 11: Augustana announced a fundraiser to help Hanson replace his prosthetic arm.
  • May 11: Shriners Children’s notified Parker that he would be given him a new prosthetic limb even though he had aged out of care.
  • May 11: Hanson’s stolen prosthetic arm was found at Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls. Unfortunately, the arm was very beat up and unwearable.
  • June 9: Augustana University notified Shriners Children’s that $5,000 has been raised for our organization.
  • June 11: Parker’s appointment at Shriners Children’s Twin Cities to build his new prosthetic arm.

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