El Riad was represented well at Midwest with all the units that went to parade and or compete in their respective competitions. Clowns showed their stuff…thank you to Hank, Disco, Lectro, and Doughboy. You guys did a great Job for El Riad and your clown unit, it was great to see Disco get on stage to compete and in the two-man skit with Lectro. Motor Corps did fantastic on and off the field thank you to Tom Anderson, Dave Murphy, Alex Mehlhaff, Gene Peska, Lonnie Albers, and John Bayer. These guys had a very successful competition. As the Motor Corps has done in years past, we rode to Midwest and found some fantastic scenery and roads to ride. On the way to Green Bay, we took Minnesota Hwy 16. At Dexter, MN we road scenic Hwy 16 to La Crosse, WI. What a fantastic ride and scenery not only on a bike but for anyone looking to take a fall ride to see colors that would be a great trip. On the way home, the Motor Corps decided to stay off I-90, so we took Hwy 54 ‘til we got to Winona, MN. Once again, if you are looking for a great road to drive any time this would be a great trip. Getting off the go-fast road and seeing the country is not a bad thing. 

I also would like to thank the Oriental Band, Steel Drum and Horse Corps for coming to Green Bay and taking part in the festivities. Thank you to the Pote’s Aides for a great Job with the hospitality room for all to enjoy. Green Bay was a great place to go for Midwest. 

One of El Riad big events was on October 4 this year…The Sportsman Classic this event helps El Riad get through the end of the year, this event has become a major part of El Riad. As in the past, the building is full of folks enjoying fun games and a fantastic meal prepared by our own culinary group. If you are a sportsman or know of someone that loves to hunt fish or shoot guns, this is a great event for them. It is also a great way to get new members into the shrine by showing them how we have fun as Shriner. Thank you to the Sportsman Committee and John Schuety Chairman for all you do to put this event together. As this event has grown, and times change, one of the items that this event has had to do is online ticket sales through elriadsportsmanclassic.com. Out of that the sportsman committee with the help of Rocky Hayes, Mark Richard and Steve Haase, they have created a way for other units that have events at the shrine to sell tickets for their events at the shrine online. This is available to any unit with the help of the sportsman committee. Please look into this for you next event to help sell ticket for your event. Great job, guys.

As we get into Fall, Football comes to mind for a lot of us. On Saturday, October 22, we will have the 50th Annual El Riad Shrine Football Game at Augustana University. We will be tailgating before the game and the Augustana band and cheer team will be joining us at the tailgate party at the President’s House on Grange and 37th. I know you all bought your ticket for the game as this money goes to Shriners Children’s. Bring you family to the tailgate party and game, it will be great seeing all the red fezzes in the stands. Hot dogs and brats with all the fixings will be the meal. Do not forget to find one of the Fife and Drum guys selling footballs before or during the game. Every football has a number on it for a lucky person to win $100, and there are four winners. Bring you kids or grandkids to the game and they will have a chance to win a kids’ bike at halftime. To all units and shrines, there may still be time to buy a wind shirt for an honorary coach or yourself or for a member of your unit. Call the office to get your order placed.

Fall is right around the corner which means all petition need to be turned in soon for new member to have the opportunity to become Masons and Shriners. We all know someone that would be a great member of the world best organization. 

On Saturday, November 5, is Fall Ceremonial. I have asked for this year if you know of a gentleman that has a hard time getting around or can not drive, let’s find a way to help these members be able to come to this Ceremonial, I know that they would really like that. The same goes for the lady’s luncheon. If your lady knows of a lady that has lost her husband, and he was a Shriner, let’s try and help those ladies come to the luncheon if they would like.

As in the spring, we are asking all units to come in the morning of and give your presentation about your unit to the new candidates. Please let Bill Thompson know that your unit is going to have members coming in the morning…this will help keep the day moving in the afternoon. We will still have the check presentation in the afternoon by each unit so please have your unit there in the afternoon to give your check to the shrine for wherever you want it to go. For those of you that have a candidate, please let them know that their families are welcome to join us in the afternoon for all the festivities and their ladies are welcome to go to the Ladies lunch. Gentlemen, please help us welcome the new members and their families. We will have the candidate’s families sit with them on the floor in the afternoon. We will have parking for the ladies on the east side of the shrine if you would like to leave your car at the shrine and get a ride to the luncheon.

Also going forward, the lady’s luncheon is free to the ladies. All we ask is that the ladies RSVP to the Shrine office by October 28, so we have a headcount for the lunch. If you ladies know of a lady that has lost her Shriner husband, please ask them to the luncheon or let them know they are welcome to come.

Then, on Saturday, November 12, come to the shrine to party with your friends for the Nobles Masquerade party. Check the poster in this Cactus or the card you got in the mail. You can RSVP online using the QR code or the link to RSVP and pay. You are set to party and have a great meal created by our culinary guys, with appetizers prepared by the Watertown Shrine Club. Masks and costumes are not required to attend but we encourage all to be part of the party and the contest for great prizes. This year we would like to see member invite nonmembers to this party if you bring a couple or a friend you will get drink tickets for you and your friends. There will be childcare provided for any family that would need it. 

The Masquerade Party starts at 4:30 with dinner at 6:30. Let the party begin and hope to see you there! $50 per couple and $25 for single. Please RSVP online or call the Shrine office.

We are all part of Membership. Bring your friends to a Wednesday night or any event we are having to show then the fun we have. I would ask if you know someone that has fallen away for some reason ask them to come to a meeting or to an event. Make them your guest. These are just a few ways to grow our membership to keep us a strong Shrine helping kids and families.

Thank you to all for all you do keep on keeping on!!!


                                          —Booker T Washington

In Faith,

Jim (Kid) Slater
Potentate El Riad Shrine 

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