Here we are in another month; the year is going by very fast and the end of 2018 is coming way too quickly! 

Midwest has come and gone and – once again – El Riad won a tremendous amount of hardware. I know the units will explain in this issue what places they came in so I will not attempt to list them all. I will say we are very proud of all who went and helped us do what we do best, which is represent El Riad Shrine in a positive note. THANK YOU.

When the stars are lined up correctly nothing can go wrong. The Fife & Drum Unit definitely had their stars in the correct position. Their visit to Mount Rushmore was timed right on. They were treated like “Rock Stars” with pictures, comments, and an amazing photo! Thanks, Nobles and Ladies, for the great exposure! 

Let me insert an OOPS here! Last month we listed the Potentate’s Ball Committee and inadvertently omitted the senior members, Kevin and Robin Tomshack. They are the Emeritus members of our great team – the “behind the scenes, get it done” team. Thanks for another great year, everyone! You hit it out of the ballpark! Lady Marla and I owe a wonderful evening of fun, games, laughter, and frivolity to this team! They obtained great gifts from sponsors and donators so the Nobles and Ladies could win some mighty nice gift baskets and prizes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our Pote’s Nobles Party had 170 or so in attendance and I don’t know about you, but we had a ball. The Crabgrass Crew Band did a great job of entertaining us, and without my knowledge, my Lady Marla and her brother Rod Pierce composed a song about me – Big Bad Moe – which the band played to the tune of Big Bad John! It was a great surprise and the crowd enjoyed singing along! I think some of my secrets were discovered along the way, too! The Culinary Unit served steak with all the trimmings, and for dessert we were treated to soft-serve ice cream with a multitude of toppings! It was a fitting celebration for the El Riad nobility for their tireless work to keep us on top as a Temple. The special surprise was a fundraiser for the Children’s Patient Christmas Party in December. What made it special was that I antagonized the membership to throw a pie in my face. It cost $5 to throw a pie in the old man’s face. Needless to say, there were many takers, including some people we haven’t seen for a while. Wayne Murray, and PP Rick Daniels covered miles of trails to make it back! Wayne got his money out and I got the reward of knowing we just made some money for the kids. PP Rico Johnson served a low blow, which could have disqualified most, but I hung in there. And when I accused Shellie Buriak of throwing like a girl, she advised me that she WAS a girl and then proceeded to give me a big kiss! Even our youngest granddaughter Payton and her sister Morgan aimed some direct throws my way! I appreciate all the support for the Shrine Kids! That made it all worthwhile, although I could taste whipped cream for days!

The stars were lined up again for the Shrine Cup! The weather was perfect, the teams were happy, and everyone enjoyed some great golf. Ryan Simmons and his mighty crew had it organized right on, just as in the past. I had the distinct honor of shaking the hand of every player and thanking them for their support.

Three days later we had our annual Shrine Football Game at the home of the Augustana Vikings. The Culinary Unit kicked it through the goal post this time with many of our favorite things to eat. Steve Hauff, President of the Culinary Unit, was the football Shriner of the day! Steve told me he was humbled, but quickly stated that it is a group effort and that the entire Culinary Unit earned the award! Ken Ward and his crew did a mighty fine job of organizing and executing the entire day. Thanks, Nobles! 

The Sportsman Classic scheduled for October 2, is under full swing, with the tickets being sold at a very rapid pace. This is the 14th year for this event and it has done very well from the beginning. Mitchell had their’s on September 18 and they have it working like clockwork. Good job, guys. 

On October 19 the Scottish Rite is having their annual BBQ at the Shrine. For $10 the chefs are whipping up some mighty good eating again. They will be serving from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and again from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Stop down and enjoy a very tasty meal. This is open to the public, so bring friends and neighbors. 

I have one more piece of information. The Outreach Clinic that we had to cancel because of bad weather this spring, was rescheduled for September 22. 68 current patients, along with new patients were seen. I give a big shout out to Orthopedic Institute for their generosity in hosting the clinic at their facility. Paul Buriak and Roger Risty were the organizers. Thanks to them for a job well done!

In closing, I want to remind each and every one of you to replace yourself with a new Shriner! The Membership Committee needs and wants your help. Think about your friends, family, and co-workers and give them the opportunity to enjoy the same fun and satisfaction you are having for this great cause! Get them a petition and let’s make this a great year as far as membership. 

Remember to HAVE FUN and INSPIRE someone every day! Thank you!

Maury “Big Moe” Richard
2018 Potentate, El Shrine

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