April was circus month, and a great circus it was! I would like to start off by giving a big THANK YOU to Larry Miller and Aaron Neiman for the great job they did of running the 2018 circus!

I would also like to extend a hearty thank you to all who worked the circus and made it the success it was! El Riad has set a tradition of stepping up and doing what it takes to be successful! It’s always so heartwarming to see so many members of our Shrine Family out there, working to make El Riad the best it can be! I also would like to thank the ticket salesmen who did such a great job. All of your efforts are very much appreciated by El Riad!

You can hear the buzz of the units getting ready for the parade season. Here is a reminder: If you are a parade unit and will be parading this summer, it is mandatory that you have the Potentate sign a permission slip for the places you will be parading. Hint: Put any parade you might want to go to on the permission slip and send it in; that way you are covered for the ones you attend! This is not a request…it is required! 

Unfortunately, due to the mid-April blizzard the annual Outreach Clinic in Sioux Falls had to be postponed and we’ll be rescheduling that soon.

The Membership team is working very hard to find and qualify new candidates for our spring ceremonial. Talk to your friends and get them involved; share with them what you love about the Shrine, and what the Shrine strives to achieve! 

The Spring Ceremonial will be held on May 19. This ceremonial will be dedicated to Noble Stanley “Stumpy” Cadwell! Please see the page in the Cactus that is dedicated to the Spring Ceremonial for details. And be sure to let your Lady knows about the Ladies’ Luncheon to be held at Minnehaha Country Club. It starts at 11:00 a.m. with a social time, lunch, and a short program, to be followed by a drawing for door prizes. This is a wonderful way for the new candidate’s ladies to meet other Shrine Ladies and to hear about El Riad and the great ways the individual units contribute from their point of view! Call the Shrine Office at 336-1117 to RSVP for the luncheon. 

Hospital Day is also scheduled for May 19. Don McCoy will be in charge of this trip. Please see the page in the Cactus for details. It is the best way to see what the Shrine Hospitals do for the kids, and it’s so inspiring to see the advancements made from year to year! I’m proud to announce that the Back Forty Boys (B40Bs) will once again be performing at the hospital on the back patio. This event always encourages others to sing along, and it’s a fact that they bring smiles to those who are listening! If you are planning to go on this bus trip, please call the Shrine Office at 336-1117 to reserve your spot! 

In closing, I want to give my personal thanks again to all those Nobles and Ladies who make El Riad a leading Temple in North America! I am so proud to be your Potentate, and Lady Marla and I appreciate everything you do to support this Temple. Without all of you, it would not be the success that it is! 

In closing, remember to HAVE FUN AND INSPIRE someone each and every day!

Maury “Big Moe” Richard
2018 Potentate, El Riad Shrine

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