John Schuety was born in West Union, Iowa and raised in Fayette, Iowa which is in the NE corner or Iowa.  He graduated from Fayette Community High School, and later attended Upper Iowa University where he received a BA in Business Administration.  A month prior to graduation he married Bobbi Jo Hettwer and two weeks later moved to Twin Lakes, Michigan, working for Professional Food Service Management at Owassippi Scout Reservation as the AM Director.  At the end of the summer he was transferred to Sioux Falls to be the Assistant Director of Food Service at Sioux Falls College.  It wasn’t long and he got tired of working 80-110 hours per week and decided to apply for a position in law enforcement and became a Deputy Sheriff.  

After about six years, a critical incident, a penitentiary riot and Bobbi not too thrilled about the extra excitement in their life he decided he would be married to Bobbi and not his job.  John then got into the medical supply business starting as a receiving clerk and in a short time a purchaser and then Purchasing Manager which he did for 15 years.  

In 2008, he left the medical supply field and started a total different field as a Housekeeping Manager at a local college that later became a university.  He stayed at that position for 11 years before accepting a position as a Facility Supervisor in the medical field.  John and Bobbi had three children along the journey and so far two grandchildren.  They have Samantha, Rebecca, and Joshua.  Samantha and Rebecca currently live in Sioux Falls and Joshua, who is also a Mason and Shriner, is a traveling nurse and currently resides on the east coast.

In 2013, Scott Denney, who John used to coach Junior Football with, called and asked if he and Bobbi would like to come with them on Wednesday night for dinner and drinks and check out the Shrine.  So over the next three to four weeks Scott and Rhonda picked them up to go to the Shrine.  John was surprised by how many people he already knew that were Shriners.  

John was raised as a Master Mason in 2013 at Unity 130 and became a Shriner during the Fall Ceremonial in 2013.  John joined the Directors Staff and the Highlanders right away but then during a sentimental moment thinking about his brother-in-law Hank he decided to fulfill Hank’s longtime dream to become a Clown.  

John has been a Pote’s Aide, Big Clown 2019, Asstistant Chief of Staff 2020, and Chief of Staff 2021. John is a member of the Building and Entertainment Committee(B&E), Sportsmans Classic Committee, which he is currently Chairman, as well as the Scottish Rite, Ski Unit, and Patient Party Committee.

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