Big Top Time!

By the time this hit the pages, El Riad will have had its first CIRCUS in two years. It is great to be back having fun with all the families and kids that enjoy coming to the CIRCUS…it is also great having all of El Riad pulling together to make all our Circuses great events. A big thank you to all that helped for one show, or all nine shows. If it was not for all of you, the Nobles, Ladies, Friends and Kids, El Riad would not exist. It takes a village to make this event be a big success. 

I would like to thank the Circus Committee for all their hard work and time. Also, I would like to give a big shout out to Circus Chairman Larry Johnson and Assistant Circus Chairman Jeff Landborg for all the time and energy put toward the success of the Circus…great job, guys.

April was a month of firsts. Bethel 38 had a fun night having a Superheroes Father/Daughter Dance on April 1. What a great night for fathers and daughters to dance the night away on the best dance floor in this area. Thank you to the Shutterbugs and Pixels for shooting great photos of the girls and their dads, superheroes, friends, or all the above. It is always great to have the opportunity to show off our great building to young folks.

As the Dance was going, there was a two-day event in the Masonic center bringing in 39 new Masons. This was a very busy Friday and Saturday.  Friday started late afternoon ’till about 10:00 p.m. and started back up Saturday morning and ending Saturday evening with the first ever Table Lodge at El Riad Shrine.

It was incredible to have all three lodges, appended bodies, Grand Master Jeff VanCuren and his officers, newly raised Brothers, their families, El Riad Divan and Ladies, our Membership Committee, plus many Masons and Shriners from all over South Dakota. Also, a big thank you to Dave Murphy and his Pote’s aids for helping set up and tend bar. Another big thank you to the Culinary Unit for a fantastic meal, once again gentlemen you hit out of the park. It was a house full for a great Festival and celebration of newly raised Brothers. This would not have happened if it was not for the hard work by many brothers that worked tirelessly behind the scenes. I applaud you all for your dedication to the craft. Please welcome these new brothers and their families to this great Brotherhood. 

Parade Season is starting up, so all Units please get your Parade list to the Shrine office. Please remind everyone that on June 11 is the All-Shrine Parade in Mitchell, South Dakota. Get your marching shoes on and get to Mitchell! This is a great time for all families as we will have plenty of food and drinks at the Oasis located in the Mitchell Masonic Building. Mitchell is excited to have us so come and show off.

It is time to get your members attendance and unit if you are planning on going to Imperial Session July 2–7, or going to Midwest in Green Bay, WI from August 18–20. Please get your numbers to Kent in the office for these events.

Wednesday night social is a fun night to bring a friend. At the next Wednesday night, introduce them to the shrine. We are all responsible for Membership.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”   — Dr Seuss

Thank you for all you do for the Kids.

In Faith,

Jim (Kid) Slater
El Riad shrine Potentate 



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