The new Shrine year is here! The question on every Nobles mind is, what’s this new year going to bring? Are there going to be enough vaccines for everyone? Are the vaccines going to be delivered in a fast and efficient manner? How long before events and parades are going to start happening (other than weather permitting)?. Will we have a Circus this year? Is Les Kruse really our new Potentate? 

While I don’t have the answers to all these questions, I can tell you some of the lessons this past year has taught us. It has taught us to be flexible, especially when it comes to scheduling events. It taught us to be frugal, especially when it comes to Shrine funds. It taught us that Nobles will rise to the occasion, whenever possible, and regardless of the circumstances, to help their Temple and its Nobles. Please continue with that spirit as we enter 2021. Unfortunately, it looks like we probably will not be having a Circus in April. Therefore, our annual budget for this year is projected to be in the “red”. There are few events on the Shrine calendar for the first quarter of the year. On the positive side, we are going to have a Ceremonial on May 1. We are going to bring in some new candidates. And we are going to have fun doing it!

Al Zahn, PP had to learn this COVID curse the hard way. Can you imagine starting out your Potentate year, with all the Shrine goals and dreams before you, only to have everything come crashing down? It was very unfortunate, but as a testament of his character, Al Zahn did not let it deter his enthusiasm, and he did an exceptional job leading this great temple!
Thank you Al…thank you.

I would like to welcome our Divan to their new positions. Special recognition goes out to the newest members, John Whitelock PP as Recorder, Paul Berndt as Captain of the Guard, and Tony Bachman as Outer Guard. Welcome. Dave Neiman has decided that his six-year commitment to being the temple’s Recorder would now come to an end. Dave originally took the job with the expectation of only “helping out” for 1 or 2 years! Thanks Dave, you truly are a walking encyclopedia of Shrine information, and while you will be missed, we hope to see you around (and we still have your phone number!) P.S., you can also explain what “encyclopedia” means, to your grandkids! 

To the Nobility of the El Riad, please allow us to leave you with these words of encouragement. This pandemic will not last forever. HOPEFULLY sometime during this coming year, we will be allowed to get together, parade, dance, and party. So when that time comes, EL Riad Shrine will be there, ready to “HAVE FUN IN ’21”! 

Les Kruse,

El Riad Shrine Potentate

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