The El Riad Shrine had another great Shrine gathering, at the Midwest Shrine Association in Sioux City, IA, August 12–14.   We have not experienced a hospitality room quite like what El Riad had at Stoney Creek Hotel in Sioux City. It was a very accommodating suite which served the needs of a large temple like El Riad.  It was manned by our Potes Aides and under the direction of Chief Potes aide Ethan “Casey” Serck, all the food and drink needs were tended to in fine fashion. 

Congratulations and thanks to those units that competed and paraded at MSA. Thanks to the Last Call Band for performing at the street dance. It was an awesome time, and the weather was great. Speaking of parades, our Chief of Staff, John “Hank” Schuety and Assistant Chief of Staff, Brian “Sticky” Schultz did their usual professional job of handling the parade duties for El Riad. 

El Riad was able to participate in the concessions at the Mega Monster Trucks Live event, September 10–12. For a first time event, the crowds exceeded our expectations, and we were able to meet their needs, thanks to the help of our various units, and the planning and leadership of our circus committee members, lead by Circus Chairman LJ Johnson, and assistant Jeff Landborg. Also want to thank the Chanters for singing the National Anthem at the start of each show.  And The Culinary unit, who were there, cooking hot dogs for the crowd at every show.  Thanks again!

Even though the weather started out with some rain, our Shrine Cup Chairmen, Doug Schneider and Ryan Simmons, encouraged everyone to get out there and have some fun. The rain quit, and a great time was had by all participants. Thank you Doug and Ryan! You guys met the challenge again this year! 

Many El Riad Shrine events are on the calendar, including the Dakota Country Dance, Nobles Party, Harvest Moon Beer Pong tournament, Craft & Vendor Fair, Sportsmen Classic, Big Band & Masque Dance, Halloween Pub Run, Abbey Road, Shrine Football game, OB Halloween Dance, Fall Ceremonial and Shriners Open Golf Tournament in Las Vegas.   

If you are not having fun at El Riad Temple, you are not “paying attention”!!  As always, have fun in ‘21!

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