Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

What keeps you in the Sioux Falls area? I got married to Laura 18 years ago. We have two daughters, Madison (16) and Payton (13). Laura works for the VA and I work at Dakota Riggers. We have many friends and family in and around Sioux Falls. 

Who was your Shrine sponsor, when did you join, and why did you become a Shriner? My sponsor was my father, Mark Johnson. I became a Shriner to play in the Big Band with him and my Grandpa, Wally in 2004. 

What is your favorite part of being a Masonic Shriner? My favorite part of being a Shriner is seeing all the smiles on kid’s faces. The philanthropy is the goal of all Shriners. We strive to raise money to support and take the burden off families and guardians when kids have medical issues that arise. 

Tell us about your Masonic Shriners legacy and who has preceded you: My Grandpa, Wally joined the Shrine in 1971. My Dad, Mark, joined the Shrine in 1979. I joined the Shrine in 2004. We have three generations in the Shrine. That is my legacy and I am very proud of it.

As a fun El Riad clown, tell us the inspiration for your name “Doughboy” and when/why you decided to be a clown? My Grandpa owned the Pizza Inn restaurants in Sioux Falls. I started making pizzas the summer of 6th grade and all my friends gave me the nickname, Doughboy. When I became a clown in 2010, I already had my name picked out!

Tell us all about your involvement on the Masonic side. What bodies are/were you involved with and what have they meant to you? I have been a part of Job’s Daughters since 2015. I have been Associate Bethel Guardian up to this point. This year, I am Fraternal Relations for the girls in our Bethel 38 and I am Vice Grand Associate Bethel Guardian for the state of South Dakota. It is very rewarding to be a mentor and see the girls grown to be young women. 

As this is your first year as the El Riad Shrine Football Committee Chairman, in particular this year being the 50th Anniversary of the game, what has that been like? I am honored to have this responsibility. I have been on the football committee for 18 years. Harland Danielson and Ken Ward have mentored me and believe in me to carry on this great tradition. Plus, they told me they will not let me fail!

What other units and clubs have you been and/or currently are a member? I joined the Big Band in 2004, the clowns in 2010 and the Hillbillies in 2022. I participate each year in the patient Christmas party, either by clowning up or helping Bethel 38 in crafting or serving ice cream. If my wife allows it, I will soon be a member of the Blast & Cast unit for my love of fishing.

What has your involvement with the shrine and its units/committees meant to you? It is very rewarding to help kids and I am proud to wear the Fez!

How does your Lady feel about your Shrine involvement? She is very supporting of me being involved in the Shrine. Now that our girls are older, it is a lot easier on Laura, LOL. 

Describe El Riad Shrine in five words: El Riad in five words…Fun, rewarding, humbling, brotherhood, relationships. 

What would you tell Shriners and their families about joining our family, fraternity and philanthropy? It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. You will meet many new friends and form lifetime relationships. You will wish you had joined many years before, guaranteed. 

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