Dive In

This unit meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Kasbah Room at the shrine.

The Dive In is a fun unit organized to meet the needs of those who like to have fun in the water (scuba dive, snorkel, or just play in the water). Only Shriners may be actual members, but we encourage participation of others (wives, kids, friends, etc).

Membership requirements
Nobles of El Riad in good standing are eligible for membership in this unit. Provide a written application, signed by two members of this unit, submitted to the presiding officer shall be read at a regular unit meeting. Election to membership shall be by simple majority ballot of members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Also, candidates for membership shall be eligible to be voted upon after attending a minimum of three regularly scheduled meetings.

Dues are $20 per year.

2017 Officers

President: Dave Daily (Barb)
Vice President: Colonel Echols
Secretary: Richard Hagler (Shirlene)
Treasurer: Ed Hoffman (Kay)

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