During the February 14 stated meeting, Potentate Maury Richard recognized and offered generous thanks to everyone for selling the 2018 El Riad Shrine Cash Calendar.

This year, we incorporated individual sales awards to coincide with the cash awards given to the top selling units and clubs.

These three Nobles took the gold, silver and bronze:

  1. Bruce Jorgensen with the Lewis & Clark Shrine Club sold 196 calendars
  2. Jim Dewey with the Fife & Drum sold 190 calendars
  3. Mel Koppang with the Horse Corps sold 144 calendars

Way to go, gentlemen!


2018 Top Sales Results

First Last TOTAL Unit/Club
Bruce Jorgensen 196 Lewis & Clark Shrine Club
Jim Dewey 190 Fife & Drum
Mel Koppang 144 Horse Corps
Ken Ward 138 Motor Corps
John Archer 107 Fife & Drum
Tom Anderson 104 Shutterbugs
Doug Kristensen 96 Lewis & Clark Shrine Club
Ernie Wevik 61 Horse Corps
Al Zahn 57 Horse Corps
Christopher Hahn 49 Motor Corps
Marv Lovro 40 Steel Drums
Rod Skorpik 40 Lewis & Clark Shrine Club
Bill Anderson 39 Chanters
Ben Nustad 36 Chanters
Keith Backer 32 Steel Drums
Dennis Klein 25 Horse Corps
Lewis & Clark 458 1st Place
Fife & Drum 402 2nd Place
Horse Corps 359 3rd Place
Motor Corps 226 100+ sales
Chanters 169 100+ sales
Steel Drums 161 100+ sales
Shutterbugs 117 100+ sales

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