Imagine with me traveling back to June 29, 1950 and attend Lodge at Sheridan Lodge #0008 of Sheridan, WY. You would have been a witness to the raising as a Master Mason of Lloyd Kenneth Salisbury. We affectionately know him as Ken these days and we were able to give him a suitable celebration for achieving the distinction of becoming a 70 year member of the craft. That’s right, 70 years as a Master Mason. I would imagine that for most of us reading this article that is longer than we have been alive.

The week started of on Tuesday evening, June 16 when ken was presented the City of Sioux Falls “SuperHero” Award by Councilman Pat Starr and Mayor Paul Tenhanken. In attendance that evening was Ken’s better half, Arta, his daughter Tally and her family as well as his son Chuck. 

The following Sunday WM Robert Solorzano of Unity Lodge #130, District Master Kyle Orth, and WB Glendon Rice had the privilege of presenting WB Ken with his pin and certificate recognizing his longevity in the Craft. Once that was completed a parade in front of Kens house was held with many Brothers and their families participating to congratulate our Brother.

After the parade some of us stuck around while Ken regaled us with stories of his time in the Army Air Corps during WWII. If you get the opportunity, stop by Ken’s house and sit and chat with him for a while. You will be amazed by the stories and details contained in those stories from his time in the war. You might even ask him about standing in the doorway of the C-47 and dropping hand grenades on the enemy, or trying to take out anti-aircraft guns by dropping the tow rope from the gliders on the guns.

Ken participated in the D-day invasion by towing gliders with Army Rangers and also had some airborne troops that jumped out of the airplane and into the action. He also participated in Operation Market Garden, which was the military action portrayed in the movie “A Bridge Too Far.”

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