Welcome to 2017!

As we enter this new year we first need to look back. I would like to again thank Past Potentate, Tom Anderson, and Lady Jane for a great year. We faced some challenges with membership but the entire 2016 team worked together on this.

We had a great year and all learned a lot from Tom, thanks for your service to El Raid! The Annual Meeting was well attended and thanks to all who participated and helped set up. A special thanks to our Culinary Unit for a great dinner after this meeting.

The Installation of officers at our Shrine building was also a great night for all. Installing officer Illustrious Sir PP Bruce Wallin and Illustrious Sir PP Pat Colbert as installing Marshall did a great job…thanks for your help.

Also, thank you to all the unit and club leaders for taking the time to be there also. A special thanks is needed to my family, friends, and all the others who attended. The appetizers and other snacks prepared by the Culinary Unit completed a great evening.

The year is off to a great start but there is a lot to do. Starting with our annual Unit and Club Leadership meetings on Saturday, January 21, will be a great meeting as we all work to face the challenges ahead of us.

Upcoming events: MSA winter meeting in Bloomington, MN on February 9­–11. Zuhrah Temple will be hosting this year. Information on the summer session from August 17–19 will be coming soon. Please all consider coming this summer as it is important for El Riad to have a strong showing.

There is a lot more going on so please check the website and eblasts for all the details of these and many other important events.

Thanks to all and remember WE are all El Riad! Jim Burma Jr.

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